About us

Special Dreams was born four years ago. Sandra, the mother of a newborn girl diagnosed with Down syndrome, had the idea. She had to face multiple medical, economic and cultural difficulties right after Samantha´s birth. Such difficulties led her to develop a special understanding of her daughter´s condition and encouraged her to work for her wellbeing. After seeing all the struggle her family had to go through and discovering a lot of families in a similar situation, she decided to formally fund an organization to support not only children with some kind of disability in her village, but also their families, which in all cases lacked access to tools or knowledge to adapt or understand life raising children with special needs.

Today, Special Dreams is a non profit organization which welcomes more than 100 boys and girls with functional diversity, 30% of which have been diagnosed with Down syndrome. We are building a big family and a home where children receive support for the development of their potentiality and families find a friendly network with professional support.

The foundation is characterized by a family spirit, where not only children are supported to develop their potential, but also seeks to integrate families in the process.


Support young children with different functional and intellectual capabilities throughout the development of their strengths and individual talents.

Improve the life quality of children with special needs by developing activities that give purpose to their everyday living.

Guarantee the children´s security and wellbeing during the time they are in the foundation.

Develop group activities that include all children and stimulate new experiences like dancing or theatre.

Bring the children to visit different inclusive places in the village like the cultural house, the library, parks, etc.

Support the children´s families so they live in harmony, and offer them a place where they can work and do activities while their children are in the foundation.

Create a space where families grow closer to their children by the means of education and other experiences that erase the social prejudices that have limited their relationship.


Contact families at the diagnosis phase in order to inform them and welcome them into our support network.

Carry out pedagogical activities with professionals so they can give appropriate support to families and communities.

Provide free services by the means of which youngsters can spend complete days in good conditions surrounded by the best infrastructure for the development of activities.

Follow carefully each child in order to bring out the best of their potential

Stimulate youngsters throughout activities they enjoy and by the means of which they can learn new things.

Develop capacities to participate in society.

Involve youngsters in regional enterprises.

Help families to solve their work engagements

Look out for children´s physical and nutritional wellbeing by offering them good food and sporadic medical examinations.

Provide recreational services to youngsters and their families assuring their physical wellbeing.

Be economically sustainable by creating a small enterprise where mothers and other community members handcraft products than can be commercialized in order to help the organization.


Improve life quality for young children with functional diversity and accompany them discovering their potential.

Improve life quality for young children with functional diversity and accompany them discovering their potential.

Be a holistic organization which provides free services to the community

Offer emotional and monetary support to parents

-Develop the children´s capabilities to be independent and adapt to society.