Family Spirit to develop the potential of children

Tools and knowledge to understand or adapt to life with a child with special needs.

Improve the quality of life of children with functional diversity, accompanying them to discover their potential.
Develop capacities in minors to promote their independence and social inclusion.
Pedagogies according to individual abilities

Nowadays, The Dreams Special Foundation is a non-profit organization, composed of approximately 100 children with functional diversity of which around 30% have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

The foundation is characterized by a family spirit, where not only children are supported to develop their potential, but also seeks to integrate families in the process.

Advances through stimuli and positive rewards.

The evaluation of each child is fundamental, because we want to know their evolution and constantly promote their progress through positive stimuli and rewards.

The participatory accompaniment of the mothers of each beneficiary of the Sueños Especiales Foundation energizes and facilitates the process of each student.

This commitment is not only from the foundation but also from their families. That is why we look for the training provided by the down syndrome corporation, we make them virtual but with the support of their mothers.

They also train us through empowerment workshops, physical therapies, occupational therapists, speech therapists and psychological support.

Programs implemented through activities focused on pedagogies, crafts and games.

Each activity depends on the responsible facilitator and also on each participant since each child has different ages and different ways of meeting the objectives of each workshop.

Our interventions are very specialized and requires a whole process to develop an activity.

That is why twice a week we look for activities that help us all to be in the same workshops. For example, we go to the house of culture and the library where they give us dance workshops, painting and train us in various subjects through play.

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