One day at our foundation

We are open to our beneficiaries from Monday to Friday. We are located at the Pueblo Nuevo Neighbourhood (calle 3 A # 5-70), in the urban area of a village called Puerto Boyacá. At 6 am Sandra starts cleaning up the whole building so that when children and families arrive everything is looking good.At 7 pm she starts preparing breakfast and arranging the classroom. At 8pm families and teammates arrive and they begin the first activity of the day. At 10 am we all take a one hour break and eat something. The activities start again and part of the team starts verifying the development of the workshops given in the morning. Tasks always have to be completed and while they are in progress we remind everybody our foundation´s main phrase: “let´s do it good so that we obtain a good result from it”. Finally we put music and close the day around noon. Sometimes we also do some dancing or other times we play the “crazy hour” and let everybody move and sing as they feel. What´s most important for us is that they enjoy every day so they come back again and again. During the afternoon Sandra and the rest of the volunteer team continue working on bureaucratic tasks in order to make all these special dreams possible.